You sit down to job search and then 3 hours and 30 open browser tabs later, you wonder what you've accomplished... 

When you're not making progress and feel like your resume is being sent into a black hole, you start to question whether or not you should even make a change at all. 

You start to think that your job is "fine" and hey, maybe it's better than ending up in a role you like even less. 

But deep down, you know you want to make a change. 

What would it be like to get rid of the "Sunday Scaries" and stop dreading your weekdays? To enjoy your work so much that you still have energy at the end of the day for life outside of the office. You'd actually follow through with those intentions of cooking a real dinner, making it to that exercise class, and getting together with the friend you rarely get to see. 

Imagine what it would be like to feel excited to talk about and feel energized by your work again. 

Know this: you can get clear on where you want to go in your career, and exactly what you need to do to get there.  

My name is Aileen Axtmayer and I help people land jobs they love. 

In addition to having 10 years of experience coaching thousands of people of all backgrounds, I've also been on the other side of the table.

I told everyone I wanted to be a teacher since as far back as I could remember. After spending four years (and a big chunk of tuition!) studying to go into elementary education, I knew in my gut it wasn't the right fit for me. I was terrified of changing course, but knew that a lifetime of being unhappy in my career sounded even scarier.

I worked with a career coach to take a step back and truly understand myself, so that I could figure out what paths would be a good fit. When I found this field, everything "clicked" and I finally understood what it was like to look forward to how I was spending my days. 

After completing my master's and spending over a decade of my life working with people in this space, I can truly say that I love what I do and this program is one way I help others be able to say the same.  

From overwhelmed to clear on her career path

"Aileen helped me navigate through changing careers and getting my resume prepared after 7 years of not keeping it updated. She took a process which is stressful and overwhelming and broke it down into something that was manageable and that I could feel confident about. She expertly guided me through questions to help me quantify the type role that I was most interested in and then gave me the tools to help find those positions in the marketplace. She successfully helped me land a position I was extremely excited about." Alison Trumper  

Stronger applications, better interviews, more confidence

"The smartest decision I made when I changed careers was to work with Aileen on my job search. With her guidance, I created strong, customized application materials and became more and more familiar with my own skills and capabilities. She shared invaluable resources with me regarding interviewing and job offer negotiating. She is immensely skilled at showing you how to reveal your best self in an interview. I gained the confidence I needed to navigate the job market and find a rewarding job in my field." Sheila O'Neill

Some of your options...

You can keep doing what you're doing. Maybe you'll get lucky and hear back after submitting enough applications... but it feels pretty frustrating to keep putting yourself out there only to hear radio silence from employers.

You can work with a recruiter/head hunter and get jobs sent to you. Definitely an upgrade, but you're still left in a powerless position where you're waiting on others instead of being in the driver's seat. 

You can go to countless networking events and schmooze with as many as possible... but is that really the best use of your time? And how do you follow-up with people after those events anyway without sounding too direct?

Or, you could get expert coaching and support on demand.

The program includes...

  • 5 individual modules comprised of 3 hours of expert step-by-step job search guidance videos (including a LinkedIn tutorial with tricks for reaching out to people without paying for Premium). 
  • Comprehensive workbooks, additional resources, and a reminder of your action items each week to keep you accountable.  
  • A comprehensive self-assessment guide with access to additional assessments at no cost ($89 value). This includes concrete tools and directions on how to research career paths that align with your values, interests, personality, and skills.  
  • In addition to lifetime access, you'll also get the following bonuses:  
  •  One 60-minute private career coaching call ($199 value)  
  •  One 15-minute resume or cover letter review ($50 value)  
  •  A compilation of quick, easy, and nutritious recipes to help you stay well fueled  
  •  A Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil sample to encourage self-care  

"Having the 60-minute session with you was helpful as it was productive to talk out what had been in my mind for a while and get a professional's opinion about things. I have completed all the modules and the extra resources attached with each module were very beneficial! Each week, having multiple articles to choose from as a resource was great, as I could pick and choose what would be helpful to me specifically. I have leads on multiple jobs in areas that really interest me so I'm feeling really good about things compared to two months ago." 

- current program participant

Sign up now and start making progress on your career goals using a method that fits into your busy life!

$499 (payment plans available)

Program Schedule (released over the course of four weeks)  

Module 1: Understand How Your Values, Interests, Personality, and Skills and Align with Potential Career Paths 

This module includes a thorough 20-page self-exploration guide along with specific directions and resources to move you from self-exploration to job search action. If you're nervous you won't like your next role/employer, this work helps you understand why your previous work hasn't been fulfilling, and provides clues to paths that may be a better fit. 

Module 2: How to Use a Two-Pronged Approach for Your Job Search Strategy 

You'll learn how to get yourself organized and create more structure in an often structure-less process. Stop feeling powerless in the process and understand where/how to spend your time to get results. We'll cover how to follow up on applications/with contacts without feeling pushy, what networking really is all about, which people make sense to reach out to, and how to build authentic relationships. This includes best practices for using LinkedIn (yes, the free version!) to explore careers, job titles, find contacts, and build a target list of organizations. 

Module 3: Create Strong and Effective Resumes and Cover Letters  

Discover the step-by-step formula to write both of these, saving your sanity and creating material employers want to read. We'll cover everything from the tactical (font sizes/styles) to strategic (how to decide what goes on your resume and what goes in your cover letter) so your applications will be stronger and more impressive. You'll know how to avoid the number one mistake people make on their cover letters that leaves their application in the trash, and determine what "buzzwords" or "keywords" recruiters and artificial intelligence are scanning for in your field.

Module 4: Advanced Interviewing Prep 

Delve into the different styles of interviewing, how to determine what kinds of questions you may be asked, and what to do to prepare strategic and confident answers. You'll know what to say when asked about salary, negative experiences, or your weaknesses and how to make the most of your thank you notes to leave a lasting impression.

Module 5: How to Incorporate Self-Care  

Learn why self-care matters even more at this time, and how it impacts the time it takes to land a job. We'll cover strategies for building resilience when facing job search setbacks or waiting periods and tips for the transition (when you start a new role and a lot of change is happening, use these tools to stay centered). Holistic topics include sleep, stress management, food, exercise/yoga stretches to counter so much sitting, and mindfulness.  

Do you have questions? Reach out for a free 20 minute consultation with me and we can assess whether or not the program is the right option for you! Email me at  

Aileen is an incredible resource. She greatly reduced my stress as I attempted to figure out what I wanted to do with my life! She made sure that my career decisions reflected my passions and aspirations. Aileen doesn't just help you find a job - she helps you find your life path." - Meghan Quill 

"Aileen will prepare you spot-on for your professional goals while giving personal attention and care to making sure the process is as stress-free as possible. She knows and understands that this can be very stressful and that the client only performs his/her best when they're assured and confident. Her approach, style, and genuine concern and care relieves the typical concerns clients face when preparing to advance their career." - David Park


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